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Online coaching to deal with depression and anxiety for 1$

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I'm a good fit for you if:

  • You are suffering from irrational fear an phobias. (fear of losing control, health related fears, fear of leaving the house etc.)
  • You are having constant panic attacks.
  • You have lost all productivity
  • You are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks from obsessive thoughts
  • You have social anxiety
  • You are depressed
  • You feel lonely all the time
  • You are not happy with your life in general

I'm not a good fit if:

  • You are not willing to do the work outside the sessions
  • You are suicidal. (I urge you to seek help immediately with your family doctor or the local suicide help line, just google suicide help line in *your area*!)

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The benefits on working with me as your coach on dealing with depression and anxiety.

  • You will be working with someone that has gone trough the same issues and problems that you have. From who would you rather take traveling advice - someone who has traveled Europe for a year, met with locals and seen places that are not on the tourist guides, or someone who has studied about Europe for a year? The answer seems obvious.
  • You will get clear step-by-step exercises to help you deal with your mental problems. For me the biggest issue in regular therapy seemed that I only talked a lot. There was no clear steps that I could take on dealing with my problems.
  • You will get a personal approach all the way. The online therapists on other bigger sites have tons of clients and a big part of them don't focus their attention on individual patient problems. They simply have too many to remember about all of them and really care. On the other hand I only take up to 10 clients which allows me to go deeper on finding solutions for them.
  • You will have clear instructions on what to do outside our sessions. Another issue with a lot of therapy is that the work only happens inside the 50 minute window. For the rest of the week you're left clueless on how to deal with your issues. Working with me, once we identify what are the core problems, you will be given tasks on how to work every day on them to help you recover. And each session we will review your progress.

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Why are your online depression and anxiety coaching so cheap?

I've tested the system that I've created only on myself and don't have any testimonials and track record that it will work for you too. That is why I'm willing to invest my own time with people that are in similar situations where I was and try to help them almost for free.

What makes you qualified to help people with anxiety and depression?

Let's get one thing out in the blue - I don't have any formal education in psychiatry, but hang on a minute. I'm sure that I can still help you.

I suffered depression, anxiety and other mental problems myself. After regular therapy and anti-depressants didn't help I decided to try to help myself. Collecting various exercises and approaches I created my own treatment system that consists of CBT, Acceptance and commitment therapy and other self-help materials.

Using only this approach I was able to overcome my depression and almost eliminate my anxieties within 3 weeks.

You can read more about the methods and what I had to fight here.

I'm 99% sure that if it helped me, it can help you, to make it 100% I have to try. 🙂 

How will the coaching happen?

It is very simple. All you have to do is write me a letter explaining your situation. I will reply as soon as possible and we can arrange a date and time to talk. The counseling happens trough Skype. I will have video and audio on my end, I would prefer that you also use a webcam, but if you want to stay completely anonymous you can use audio only.

What will we be doing in this session?

We will go trough your problems and will try to find at least one practical exercise that you might use in the future to improve your situation.

Can I continue the sessions after this 1$ sessions and what is the price?

Yes, absolutely. This will allow us to get even deeper into your problems and find even better solutions. The price is 15$ per session after the first session.

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