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Everything you need to know about anti-depressants – real people real experiences

Posted in Depression on February 10, 2017

Diving deep for answers on anti-depressants A lot of people are afraid to take medication for depression, they have heard a lot of stories about bad experiences with anti – depressants. But are anti – depressants really that bad? I took it upon myself to look for experiences that people have had and told. There Read More »

Rare exercises on how to be functional when you’re crippled by severe depression

Posted in Depression on February 6, 2017

I know how depression feels – you’re are avoiding going to sleep just because you don’t want to experience the next day, or maybe the opposite, you’re sleeping all the time just to avoid dealing with your life. The smallest tasks seem impossible, you know that you should take a shower, but you just can’t Read More »

Facebook makes me sad -  PRACTICAL steps on how to deal with it.

Posted in Depression on January 19, 2017

young woman looking at facebook and feeling sad

Lets get to the main reason why looking at Facebook makes you sad Facebook makes me sad sometimes. Wouldn’t you agree that Facebook can be a real emotional roller-coaster? You sit down, perfectly happy about your day start scrolling through the feed and BAM, you see that your old time school friend has went to Read More »

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