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Simple tips on how to get rid of chest pain from anxiety fast

Note:  This will not get rid future anxiety attacks; it is just a quick fix for the chest pain from anxiety

How to tell the difference between chest pain from anxiety and a heart attack

Can anxiety cause chest pain? YES, definitely YES. And it is absolutely terrible, for those that experience it for the first time, they think that they are dying.

I don’t have a first-hand experience with chest pain from anxiety, but a close friend of mine did. So therefore this article.

Medical studies have proven that having chest pain and having actual cardiac problems pretty much feel the same. This is what makes these episodes so scary, you can never know for sure. So the question is, how can we know the difference?

Main difference between anxiety chest pain and cardiac problems.

One of the main differences between the two are how did they start. Cardiac chest pain usually starts with you moving and will usually subside when you rest for twenty to thirty minutes. However chest pain from anxiety will start out of nothing or emotional triggers.

For example a test is coming up, you’re in a social situation, you’re worrying about your child or your boss is not satisfied with your work. The triggers are endless

Also anxiety caused chest pain won’t subside just because you take a rest.

Another big difference between the two is that cardiac problems will usually affect your ability to exercise. If you are having trouble exercising and get really exhausted even with the slightest exercise I strongly suggest that you go to the nearest ER. Better safe than sorry.

Anxiety induced chest pain shouldn’t affect your ability to exercise.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms that are similar to a heart attack I would still strongly recommend that you go to the nearest hospital just to get checked out.

They might tell you that everything is fine and this fact alone can help you cope with future anxiety attacks.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

How to relieve chest pain from anxiety really fast

Here is what I call “Anxiety loop from hell”

anxiety loop from hell and anxiety induced chest pain

We will talk about overcoming triggers in a different article, but if your anxiety is triggered, you have several courses of action.

These are techniques that my friend used when he was having terrible panic attacks and chest pain from stress and anxiety.

You have to understand that the triggers are purely cognitive and can be fought with two types of exercises: breathing and thinking.

Breathing exercise:

You’ve probably seen this gif before, but it’s not going to hurt you if I show it again.

breathing exercise gif

If you’re having anxiety attacks when you’re out in the streets, basically when you’re not at your computer, then I suggest that you download it and keep it in your phone.

Whenever you feel that your anxiety starts to kick in, pull your phone out and sync with the gif. Try to sit down with a straight back and breathe through your nose with your belly.

Put one hand on your stomach and feel it rise and fall in sync with the gif.

5 minutes of that and the anxiety will subside, if you’re experiencing severe anxiety attacks and chest pain then it could take more time.

Remember that this should become a habit, every time when you feel it coming, you sync with the breathing gif.

Because once it becomes a habit, you will sometimes be able to prevent the anxiety from starting and therefore avoiding the anxiety loop from hell.

Cognitive exercise:

This is a bit more from what I call the “Kumbaja” exercises and you will see why in a second. This helped me a lot to deal with most of my anxiety and it takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to take your anxiety away by just touching yourself *and no, not in that kind of way you perv*

The steps are really simple.

  1. Lie down in a comfortable place.
  2. Put your hands on the place where you feel the most pain, for example on your heart.
  3. Imagine that there is a red ball and it is fuzzing with energy and looks like it is going to explode
  4. Now imagine that a blue energy is coming from you hand. It is warm and calming.
  5. Imagine that it slowly overtakes the red ball of energy and calms it down, slowly turning it blue.

It is a super simple technique. But it works like magic. If the pain is caused by stress, then this cognitive exercise works almost like magic. By the way don’t forget to breathe correctly as well, through your nose and with your stomach for maximum effect.

I’ve dealt with tons of panic attacks like this. If I was overcome by the panic entirely I just lay down and imagine that I’m full of red energy, and I’m breathing in blue and breathing out the red.

You can make the visuals up whatever you want. As long as it distracts your mind and calms you down.

What are your experiences and tactics for overcoming chest pain from anxiety? Let me know in the comments.

If you have any questions, just ask. I will answer.

Otherwise, share this on Facebook or Twitter, someone might need it.

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