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How to keep your sanity when it seems like everyone is out to drive you crazy


It might sometimes feel like every single person has dedicated their life to make yours a living nightmare. It’s okay to feel that way, but it might show something else – that you’re developing an unhealthy view on life.

If you find some people really annoying that is completely normal, but if you’re at a point where you think every other person that enters in your life is a self-centered asshole then there might be something wrong. It’s like the old saying goes: “If you find a fault in every person, then the fault is within you!”

My best guess is that you’re here looking for some answers on how to keep your cool when “s*it hits the fan”, excuse my French. I’m going to give you a step-by-step routine that you can follow to make your life much easier and your view on the world brighter. (No positive affirmations and positive thinking, I promise)

You’re going to need a pen and paper! Don’t think for a second that this will work if you do it in your head. It won’t!

Pro tip: In 95% of the cases it has nothing to do with you!

This is probably one of the most important things to understand. Have you ever been rude to someone only because someone else 20 minutes ago ruined your mood? I could bet a 100$ that you have. You see in most cases it is the same scenario, someone is rude towards you because they are dissatisfied with their own situation.

The exercise: Put yourself into the other person’s shoes!

 It is really simple, but it changes your perspective instantly and you will find it difficult to be angry at that person once you understand him or her!

Now the only question that remains is how the hell do you do it?

It is better to find another person to do it with (in this case you won’t need the pen and paper), but if you can’t find anyone you can do it alone, but you will have to play two roles.

The exercise is pretty straight forward. Let’s say that you got really angry when someone cut you in traffic. And since this happens quite often, almost every morning is ruined for you and you come in at work super pissed.

If you are doing this exercise with a friend, then now imagine that you are the driver that cut you off and your friend is that driver’s passenger that is sitting next to him. If you are doing this alone, then you play both roles.

You have to make a dialogue of those two people and the dialogue will always start with the friend asking “Why did you *did the thing that made you angry* ?”

Here is an example dialogue:

Passenger (played by your friend):  Hey, why did you cut in front of that guy?

Driver (played by you): I’m in a hurry!

Passenger (played by your friend): Did you do it to make him angry?

Driver (played by you): Of course not, but I really have to hurry or I will miss my flight because of this traffic!

A really short one, but it proves the point! It will help you see other person’s perspective on why he does what he does. You can keep this questioning up and can come up with million reasons.

I encourage you to make a dialogue where the guy or girl that made you angry has done it on purpose and is proud of it. You will quickly see how ridiculous that sounds and that no one would ever talk like that.

Let me know about your situation in the comments.

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