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How to keep your sanity when it seems like everyone is out to drive you crazy

  It might sometimes feel like every single person has dedicated their life to make yours a living nightmare. It’s okay to feel that way, but it might show something else – that you’re developing an unhealthy view on life. If you find some people really annoying that is completely normal, but if you’re at Read More »

10 Powerful tactics to smash every excuse

In this guide, I will go through some tactics that you can use for almost every type of excuse that you have. I didn’t come up with them, this is a collection of the most effective and time proven tactics that have actually helped a lot of people and I’m sure they will help you Read More »

Everything you need to know about anti-depressants – real people real experiences

Diving deep for answers on anti-depressants A lot of people are afraid to take medication for depression, they have heard a lot of stories about bad experiences with anti – depressants. But are anti – depressants really that bad? I took it upon myself to look for experiences that people have had and told. There Read More »

Crushing depression and anxiety with food: The ultimate list

Let me start out with something very important: changing your diet most likely won’t cure your anxiety or depression, but it is about 25% of the way there. In order to cure anxiety and depression you have to work with both your physical body and your mind. I’ve written about both, you can take look Read More »

Rare exercises on how to be functional when you’re crippled by severe depression

I know how depression feels – you’re are avoiding going to sleep just because you don’t want to experience the next day, or maybe the opposite, you’re sleeping all the time just to avoid dealing with your life. The smallest tasks seem impossible, you know that you should take a shower, but you just can’t Read More »

3 simple mental exercises gave me the freedom from anxiety

We’re going to start with the most important thing and that isn’t super cool tips on how to deal with anxiety, that will follow, it is something else. *Drumroll* There is nothing wrong with you! You hear me? I don’t mean it in a sense that you are imagining your symptoms, but in a sense Read More »

how to get rid of chest pain

Simple tips on how to get rid of chest pain from anxiety fast

Note:  This will not get rid future anxiety attacks; it is just a quick fix for the chest pain from anxiety How to tell the difference between chest pain from anxiety and a heart attack Can anxiety cause chest pain? YES, definitely YES. And it is absolutely terrible, for those that experience it for the first Read More »

woman trying to learn how to deal with guilt and shame

How to deal with guilt and shame – Practical steps to end that guilt trip

  Why do we experience shame and guilt in the first place. Before we get into how to deal with guilt, let’s look at the main causes. You probably experience guilt  when having of these thoughts: I’ve done something I shouldn’t have (Or didn’t do something I should) This bad behavior shows that I’m a Read More »

young woman looking at facebook and feeling sad

Facebook makes me sad -  PRACTICAL steps on how to deal with it.

Lets get to the main reason why looking at Facebook makes you sad Facebook makes me sad sometimes. Wouldn’t you agree that Facebook can be a real emotional roller-coaster? You sit down, perfectly happy about your day start scrolling through the feed and BAM, you see that your old time school friend has went to Read More »

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